For support inquiries, the most efficient and quickest method of contact is through the support chat function found on the top bar at  We suggest users with standard issues, e.g. deposit/withdrawal/balance/login issues to use the chat support.

For any other matters of importance please send an email to admin

This is a list of our official contacts. It is extremely easy to "spoof" an email address (i.e. send an email from a website, displaying any name and email address you would like to display, so that it looks like "proof" of ownership etc). Therefore, we suggest, in addition to an email, using other official chat/confirmations, such as systems that cannot be "spoofed", Direct Messages or Following on Twitter or LinkedIn, or messages on Telegram (but ensure you check each and every letter of a user-name to ensure its the REAL one).

Official Telegram Group:
(when on Telegram, you can see Admins/Moderators and Owners, so you can be sure those individuals are the real people from the exchange)

Mr. David Board:
Telegram Username: @BoardDavid

Dr. Robert Parry:
Telegram Username: @Robert_Parry

The above contacts are our official and personal contacts on social media.

Our emails are also or 

david at
robert at
admin at

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